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Chile Fresco 2018

Six gallons of 100% fresh refrigerated grape must from Chile. 

All orders will be taken by prepaid order only, by visiting or calling the store before April 21, 2018. 

Call the store with any questions – (518)580-9785.

Red Wine Juice

Cabernet Sauvignon

Always the undisputed king of wines by acclamation. Our Chilean cabernet sauvignon offers you a beautiful deep ruby color with a predominant bouquet of blackberry and raspberry accompanied by a hint of pepper. The attack is slightly aggressive with a long finish with just the right amount of oak. The alcohol level contributes to its warm feeling and will allow the wine to age gracefully for a minimum of 3 years.

This variety is considered as the flagship red wine of Chile. It was not until recently that the carmenere has been identified as its own varietal dating back to pre Phylloxera France. For centuries, in Chile, the carmenere has been mistaken for merlot. This wine is big, soft and spicy all at once. The mouth filling flavours are enhanced by the ever present oak.

The merlot varietal is the only grape which is a serious threat to unseat the Cabernet Sauvignon as the king of wines. Our Chilean merlot is of a deep burgundy color with a predominant bouquet of ripe red berries and hints of spices with a violet undertone. The initial attack is smooth, yet as it makes its way through the palate, you will realize that this is a full bodied long finish wine. A little confusing at first, it will disclose all its well kept secrets on the first sip. The body is well balanced and enhanced by the right amount of oak and not overpowered by it.

Chilean Malbec is an unforgettable journey through Chile’s wine country. A beautiful garnet robe, dark red cherry flavors and a nose comprising of cigar tobacco and coffee all combine for a delectable experience.

White Wine Juice   

If the cabernet sauvignon is king, then it is only fitting to crown the chardonnay as queen of wines. The most popular white wine varietal we know. Our Chilean chardonnay is of a golden straw color with a bouquet of tropical fruit and undertones of vanilla. On the palate it reveals flavors reminiscent of passion fruit and freshly picked citrus. A crisp well balanced wine easily enjoyed during a meal or during a "tete a tete" by your favorite fireplace.

This wonderful blend brings together two very different elements in a harmonic union. The chardonnay brings its flavors of tropical fruits with hints of vanilla, while the semillon contributes a honeyed vegetal character with nutty butter-scotch nuances. The resulting wine is truly a symphony of flavors.

Sauvignon Blanc
Second only to the chardonnay in popularity. Our Chilean sauvignon blanc is of a light amber color with a predominantly citrus bouquet and floral undertones. On the palate the sauvignon blanc is crisp and clean, easily enjoyed on its own or with light dishes.

A medium-bodied white wine with aromas of freshly picked green apples and apricots that displays a stunningly long and floral aromatic finish. Take a sip of Chile!