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Hops 1 oz & 2oz Pellets

Brewer's Best® Hop Additions There has been some confusion around the word "aroma" on the 1 oz. Hopunion hop packages included in Brewer's Best® kits. The word "aroma" on the Hopunion package does not mean these hops are the "aroma addition" hops.
 The following instructions are on the FAQ section of the Brewer's Best® website and are now included in each kit. To help avoid confusion, and make the brewing process less stressful for your customers, please educate your customers as to the difference.
Brewer's Best® uses only premium grade hops packaged by Hopunion. These nitrogen-purged hop sachets state the aroma characteristic of each hop variety. This should not be confused with adding hops to the wort for bittering, flavoring, aroma or dry hop additions (the hop packages are not labeled "bittering", "flavoring", "aroma" or "dry hop".) Please see the Brew Day Schedule section of the recipe/instructions included with your kit as it will state the variety of hop, proper addition time, and quantity to be added to the boil. With hops it's all about the time you add the hops to the boil. If you're using a hop type for bittering it always goes in at the beginning of the boil, as the longer you boil a hop the more IBUs or bittering quality extracted. If you use a hop for flavoring you generally add it between 30 minutes and 10 minutes remaining in the boil, as less time in the boil will retain more flavoring characteristics. Lastly, when you use a hop for aroma it is usually added between the last five minutes and flame out, so that you only extract the aroma of the hop.
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