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Mash Paddle

Mash Paddle

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Have you ever struggled to stir a thick mash with a plastic mash paddle?
 Have you ever found pockets of dry grain around your valve or dough-balls that make hitting your temps nearly impossible?
 How many of your sessions start with sore hands from that flat stainless spoon that is just too short and affords little leverage?
 THIS mash paddle is: COMFORTABLE: Just like a canoe paddle, it fits your hand.
 Every edge is rounded over and sanded smooth.
 The leverage it provides means never having to sweat it stirring for a long time
. EFFECTIVE: The broad blade of the paddle moves even the thickest mash with ease.
 Staggered one inch holes eliminate hot spots and the angled tip allow you to get into every area of your mash tun.
 At 32 inches long, it works as well for keggles as it does for coolers.
 It also makes a great tool for sweeping hops from the rim of your boil kettle or manipulating bags of hops or adjuncts.
 SUSTAINABLE: Furniture grade, solid domestic Birch wont scratch your mashtun or leach petrochemicals into your mash.
 No varnish to flake off or oil to ruin your head.
 This product was made in America by Spalted Hawthorn Custom Woodworking.

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