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Pekko® Hop  2oz

Pekko® Hop 2oz

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Pekko® Hop Profile

Is another unique hop variety from ADHA, this one is named after the Finnish god of farming.
 Pekko has a complex herbal character that can be likened to mint, juniper, or sage.
 Because of this, the bitterness comes across as very clean and crisp with a pleasant bite.
 There are backing notes of tropical fruits and melons, but they are subdued in comparison to the herbal notes.
 The Alpha Acids range from 13-16%, making Pekko efficient when used as a bittering hop.
 Aroma: Clean, Pleasant, floral, citrus, mint, herbal, mellow, pineapple, thyme, saaz-like cucumber, sage, touch of lemon

BETA: 3.5-4.25 %

Total Oil: 2.1 - 2.7 ml/100g

Myrcene: 46-55% of total oils
Caryoph: 11-13% of total oils
Humulene 12-15% pf total oils
Farnesene: <1% total oils

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